• CA2000


    - Detection mechanism of our unique semi-conductive sensor

CA-2000 is an unique & highly-sophisticated alcohol analyzer utilizing the variation of electrical property value of the oxide-semiconductor when the alcohol substance is detected. And, with the development of new ceramic material combined with relevant catalyst, it can selectively analyze the alcohol concentration to the ppm unit existing in the human breath. Our laboratory made it in developing the highly-selective semi-conductive sensor reactive to alcohol substance, which can be differentiated from the other semi-conductive sensor products (which are often affected by other substances like smokes and smells of food). Furthermore, it did improve to the large extent the standby, response & recovery time which could be crucial in measuring gas concentration.

When the oxide having the property of n-type conductivity is open to the atmosphere, it decreases the number of electron affecting on electrical property by the adsorbed oxygen and results in increasing the resistance. And, afterwards, if the specific gas (reducing gas) exists in the atmosphere, it reacts with the adsorbed oxygen and increase the electron in the oxide, resulting in decreasing the resistance. So to speak, the electrical property of the oxide is getting changed when a specific gas is exposed from the outside and our sensor can analyze the gas concentration from the variation of quantity.


- Highly reliable accuracy by the most sophisticated sensor
- Stable testing data
- Digital type : It displays by 3 digits (0.xx% BAC/BrAC)
- Wide detection range : 0.00 - 0.40% BAC
- Long-term stability
- Compact & light weight hand-held device
- Short warm-up & response Time
- Longer life time : 3,000 times testing
- Quick Recovery Time


Sensor Highly selective semi-conductive alcohol sensor
Accuracy ≤±0.01% at 0.10% BAC
≤±0.05mg/l at 0.50mg/l BrAC
Detection Range 0.00 ~ 0.40% BAC
0.00 ~ 2.00 mg/l BrAC
Response Time 3 sec
Warm up Time 20 sec
Recovery time(sensor purge) 30 sec
Calibration BAC simulator (Model 34C/Guth Laboratory, USA)
Battery 9V Alkaline
External power supply 12V DC Adapter
Demension 120 x 60 x 25mm
Weight 200g
Warranty 1 year (CE approved)

     ∗  Specifications are subject to be changed without prior notice for functional improvements.